Wednesday, June 27, 2007

New Stats

Future correspondence can be sent to:

District Forestry Office
P.O. Box 38
Chinteche, Malawi
Southern Africa

Letters are good for your soul. Write one- you'll see.


Anonymous said...

Matt you are beautiful... I wrote you 2 letter.. get them yet? I LOVE YOU!!!
the sanman

Leonard said...

Hi Matt-- You sound so good. We're glad it's going so well. How's the weather there? We're having a heat wave! Also Danielle went with us to Canada- we saw lots of beautiful scenery in the Canadian Rockies and walked on a glacier. Of course, you were first to walk with Danielle on a glacier! Again, so glad you're happy. love, georgia and lenny

Jason nSJ said...


I just discovered your blog via the Facebook 'Malawi' network. I knew Facebook was good for something!

I was a PCV in Malawi 2001-2003...Community Health Volunteer in Blantyre District (T/A Makata, near the notorious Lunzu).

I hope you keep this blog updated...I'd love to read stories from a current PCV.

Jason Welle

P.S. Glad to read you love living on the beach in Malawi. Wait until November/December and see how you feel about it then. ;-)

Oscar said...

stop global worming!