Sunday, November 25, 2007


I rode my bike to my sitemate Alex's house, about 45 minutes away. He and Paige were waiting for me when I got there, just as it was getting dark. We ate homemade bread (Alex = for reals cook) killed a tarantula and then lay down on the floor and went to bed.
Early next morning (my sitemates have not been able to perfect the art of sleeping in in the village)(or maybe anywhere, I don't really know) up and out and hiking along the banks of the river, up and up into beautiful dry hills, up and up past villages until it was just us and river and forest.
You could hear the waterfall a long ways away. I would rate it as the second best waterfall I've ever seen. We took off our shoes and scampered down it, partially in the water and partially on the rocks, so big and wide that there were big pools halfway down the face of it that we could lounge around in and not be afraid of crocodiles.
So we lounged and lounged and ate beef jerkey and it was a LOVELY day.

Since then I've been in Lilongwe for Thanksgiving. I've consumed:
1. Tacos
2. Pizza
3. Nachos
3. BBQ Pork
4. Orange Rolls
5. Gin and Tonic
6. Calzone
7. Charles Shaw Merlot
8. Spaghetti
9. Thai Garlic Noodles
10. Quiche

My life is decadent beyond my wildest dreams- hope yours is too.


Anonymous said...

They have two-buck Chuck in Malawi? Good stuff, glad to see we are exporting our finest to the rest of the world. Take care Matt.


Anonymous said...

My new filing technique is unstoppable!

mom said...

Hi Bub- you're eating better than WE are! The mama's glad about that. Love you

Anonymous said...

Hey, glad to hear the menu is improving, lucky! Loved the photos, especially you--tell us the monkey head piece was fake-ugh! The beach looks enjoyable. Enjoy all of your experiences. Luv G & G Wiz.Stanford beat Cal on 12/1-score was 20-13 sorry. We lost to USC also.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy you had such a nice Thanksgiving,you look great in your photo I thought you might be too skinny.I read K T's letter I'm a little concerned about this bug thing going on!Can you snag a bottle of CS Chardonay and a real wine glass for Gram?Love You Sooo Much Grandma E.

racher7 said...

HAHA yea your letter was HI-larious. maybe it wasn't at the time for you, but those are the kind of adventures that are funny afterwards.