Monday, February 25, 2008


I threw one frisbee out. This is not unusual, I often toss one out after my daily saunter in the lake. But this day there were a lot of kids in the area, so I hatched my brilliant plan. I ran inside and gathered up the rest of my frisbees and held them behind my back while I ran out. My kids were running around, screaming, falling down for no apparent reason. I hooted and then threw out the frisbees, one after another.
The universe coughed, contracted and collapsed in on itself; time froze and all reality was reset.

It fell silent for a second, eyes bulged. Then everyone went crazy.


Anonymous said...

Hi Matt, you have just introduced the youth of Malawi to some U S A fun, how great! They certainly will never forget you. It was wonderful to read a message from you again. Love ya, G & G Wiz.

Mims said...

Hi Matt, This is your
great Aunt or whatever from Indy. Love reading your blog. I tell your Gran Wiz you need to write a book when your done with this aventure. Take care Blair's grandmother Mims

Anonymous said...

Hey Maff- need more frisbees? Love you, mom